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You’d be given what you need to achieve your goals no matter if it’s

Performance, Visuals, Longevity, Fun


Online Coaching

100-300 € 

• Fitness Testing

• Tailored Online Fitness Coaching for 1 month 4

• App based

• Price depends on your goals and level

• No BS money back guarantee

  • Price depends on your level and needs.

  • Price depends on your level and needs.


Personal Coaching

150-700 € 

• Personal plan and coaching in my gym for 4 weeks

• We discuss your goals and needs when we meet

• In 24h you get a plan in a Fitr app.

• You get an option to message me through an app.

• Nutritional and lifestyle advice

• No BS money back guarantee


 1 session every 4 weeks 150€

• 1 session every week for 4 weeks 300€

• 3 sessions every week for 4 weeks 700€

Training Plans


40 € 


• 3 trainings/week + 1 optional day 
• Beginner-intermediate
• Mobility Work
• Warm ups and cooldowns
• 75min



I do love training with Alex as I learn a lot about how my physique works and what lifestyle decisions are best for my body's well-being. I live in extremely tight schedules, so it's great Alex managed to adjust my training program given all external factors.


About Me


• Oleksii Vlasiuk (Alex)

• CDipl. Personal Trainer PFA (ongoing)

Opex Certified Coach CCP (ongoing)

• CrossFit Competitor (17th Austria)

• Experience working with 10+ clients

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